To protect your vinyl it is recommended replacing your stylus every 850-1000 hours of use. This will prevent damage and extend the life of your collection. Older model styli is getting hard to find, so stock up now while they are available.

  • Varco Diamond Needle for CN-60 CN-62 CN-65 CN-67 CN-68 CN-70 CN-72 CN-75

    Diamond replacement needle for record players using Varco or Vaco needle cartridges.

    Used in the following Varco (Vaco) Cartridges:

    Varco Cartridges: CN60, CN-60, CN61, CN62, CN63, CN64, CN65, CN66, CN67, CN68, CN69, CN70, CN71, CN72, CN73, CN74, CN75, P200, P201, P202, P203, TM3, TM68, TM69, TM70, TM71, TM72, TM73, TM74, TM75

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