35.1 Turntable Belt


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Exact replacement belt. Used in many models of Belt Driven Stereo Turntables and Audio Equipment , including the Bang & Olfsen 4002 & the Beogram 4004, the Daytron SX-1000, the Empire 288, 298, 398A, DB-208, DB-408, DB-498, DB-508, DB-588, DB-598 and Troubador 598, the Fairchild 210A and 333B, the Gray PK-33, the JVC 5230, the Marantz SLT-12, SLT-65 and the ST-7, the Matsushita and Mitsubishi V-330 and V-540, the Philmore HT-707 and HT-800, the Pioneer PL-30, PL-A41A/F, PL-50A, PL-70 and PL-90, the Rabco ST-4 and TC-4, the Sankyo X-1000 and X-2000, the Sony PL-1050, the Tecnics A-70, the Thorens HX-8000 and the Yamaha GT-25, MC-50B and YP-701.

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