To protect your vinyl it is recommended replacing your stylus every 850-1000 hours of use. This will prevent damage and extend the life of your collection. Older model styli is getting hard to find, so stock up now while they are available.

  • JVC JL-A15 replacement diamond needle stylus

    JVC JL-A15 replacement diamond needle stylus


    Cartridge (Your cartridge should have ‘Z-1’ ‘Z-2’ or ‘Z-3’ embossed on the front. If it doesn’t, this might not be the correct stylus for you!)

    Z-1S  Z-1E  Z-2E  Z-3E  Z-3ED  MD-1025

    DT-Z1S  DT-Z1E  DT-Z2E  DT-Z3E 

    Turntable (Always check and compare as per information above)

    JL-A11  JL-A15  JL-A20  JL-A31  JL-A35  JL-A40  JL-A50  JL-A55

    JL-F30  JL-F35  JL-F40  JL-F45  JL-F50

    L-A11  L-A21  L-A31  L-A41  L-A55  L-A56  L-A66


    LR-11  LR-21  LR-31

    QL-A2  QL-A5 QL-A7  QL-A51

    QL-F6  QL-F35  QL-F61

    QL-Y3  QL-Y5F

    Also replaces:

    Stanfield 6220

    EVG PM2946D


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