To protect your vinyl it is recommended replacing your stylus every 850-1000 hours of use. This will prevent damage and extend the life of your collection. Older model styli is getting hard to find, so stock up now while they are available.

  • N92E Shure Needle Stylus for SHURE M92E Cartridge

    Designed specifically to fit the Shure M92E phonograph cartridge, the N92E replaces your old, worn or broken stylus to keep the M92E sounding its best. Its spherical diamond tip delivers outstanding sound quality and durability. In conjunction with its low tracking weight, the N92E replacement needle boasts very low record wear, so your precious vinyl record collection stays in top condition.
    – Spherical stylus tip
    – Designed for M92E cartridge
    – Low tracking weight
    – Low record wear
    – Durable construction

      Sorry this item has been discontinued

    Shure has ceased production of Phono Cartridges and Needles! Stock up now – In a few months they will be no longer available!

  • Replacement diamond needle stylus for Shure M-95 (N95ED)

    Replacement diamond needle stylus for Shure M-95 (N95ED)

    Quality Elliptical Diamond Stylus

  • Replacement Needle for Shure N74E, N74C

    Replaces the following needles:  SHURE N74,  SHURE N74-6, SHURE N74E, SHURE N75, SHURE N75E, SHURE N75EC, SHURE  N75ED, SHURE N75ED, SHURE N75EJ

  • Replacement Stylus for Shure 3X Shure 5X Shure 8X RS3T RS3X RS5T RS8T (Conical Stylus)

    Diamond Polished Conical Needle

    Fast same day shipping!

    Upgrade Stylus: Elliptical

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