Cleaning supplies for vinyl records and phonograph needles

  • (10 Pack) TEN Yellow Plastic 45 RPM 7 Inch Vinyl Record Adaptor

    – Nostalgia at its finest!

    – Manufactured using one of the original dies for making the classic plastic inserts for 45 R.P.M. seven inch vinyl records.

    – Fun and functional, the non-slip design is a perfect fit for large hole, or dinked, 7 inch records.

    – Perfect fit. Non-slip. Snaps right in!

    – Allows 45 rpm records to play on a standard 33-1/3 rpm turntable spindle.

  • Black Velvet Brush Vinyl LP Record Album And Stylus Needle Cleaner Anti-Static

    -The Black Velvet record cleaner has deep-nap velvet backed by a gently yielding cushion to clean way down in the record grooves, removing dust and grime.

    -The Black Velvet brush can be used dry or with record cleaning fluid for even better results.

    -Contains a built-in reservoir for even dispersion of cleaning fluid.

    -Also included in a handy storage compartment, is a soft stylus cleaning brush.

    -Highly effective for deep groove cleaning.

  • Crosley 5-in-1 Record Cleaning Kit

    Crosley 5-in-1 Record Cleaning Kit

    Whether you have a massive collection or you’re just getting into vinyl, help keep your records so fresh and so clean with this 5-in-1 cleaning set.

  • Groove Goo Vinyl Record Cleaner

    Crosley Groove Goo Vinyl Record Cleaner

    Roll this fresh scented glob of goo along the direction of the vinyl record grooves to safely remove dust and other debris.

  • LKG SA-14 Pfan-Stat Record Cleaning Fluid

    Pfanstiehl’s cleaning solution is not only a cleaning agent, but a destaticiser as well. It comes in an easy-to-use 4oz spray-top bottle, and to boot, it’s non-alcohol based – a tender friend to your record collection.


    Sorry no International shipping for this item


  • Pfanstiehl / LKG SA-2 Record Cleaning Cloth

    – Pfanstiehl’s anti-static record cloth is an easy to use soft. cloth that not only cleans your records, but eliminates static and lubricates the surface as well!

    – You can use it alone, or with a vinyl cleaning spray SA-14

    – Eliminates static and dust Lubricates vinyl playing surface for smooth stylus action

    – Protects your valuable record collection.

  • Pfanstiehl LP Deluxe No-Static Vinyl Record Cleaning Brush with Carbon Fibers

    – Highly effective for cleaning vinyl records full time or touch-ups between cleaning

    – Two rows of soft carbon fiber filaments easily remove the unwanted dust and contaminants leaving your records grooves clean while prolonging the life of vinyl and stylus

    – The conductive carbon fibers are very small and get into the deepest grooves and help drain static charge

    – This is the best dry cleaning method available! – Works efficiently and effectively.

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