PRB 35.1 Turntable Belt


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High quality and perfect fit. A good quality belt is very important for proper operation of your turntable.


When installing new belt, clean motor pulley and turntable platter with isopropyl alcohol. 


Ships same or next day depending upon time ordered. Normal delivery with USPS delays averages 3-7 days. Belts are bulk purchased and packaged by us.


This is a 35.1 inch belt – Perfect fit for your turntable.


Our belts are guaranteed for 1 year!  


About Us: We are an authorized warranty repair center and service over 30 brands. Our belts are PRB brand and have been manufactured within the last 90 days. We never sell old stock or Chinese belts. A cheap belt not made properly can cause wow and flutter issues. The belts we sell are the same belts we use for our warranty and out of warranty repairs.

Exact replacement belt. Used in many models of Belt Driven Stereo Turntables and Audio Equipment , including Bang & Olfsen 4002, Beogram 4004, Daytron SX-1000, Empire 288, 298, 398A, DB-208, DB-408, DB-498, DB-508, DB-588, DB-598 and Troubador 598, Fairchild 210A and 333B, Gray PK-33, JVC 5230, Marantz SLT-12, SLT-65 and ST-7, Matsushita and Mitsubishi V-330 and V-540, Philmore HT-707 and HT-800,  Pioneer PL-30, PL-A41A/F, PL-50A, PL-70 and PL-90, Rabco ST-4 and TC-4, Sankyo X-1000 and X-2000, Sony PL-1050, Tecnics A-70, Thorens HX-8000 and Yamaha GT-25, MC-50B and YP-701.

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