4111-D7C Pfanstiehl Replacement Diamond Needle


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– Diamond 0.3 X 0.7 mil Conical Diamond Tip Needle

– Tracking force, 2,5 grams 

– 16, 33 or 45rpm LP’s, NOT for 78rpm

Replaces the following needles: ADC RK6E, ADC RK7E, ADC RK8E, ADC RSQ32, ADC RSQ33, Radio Shack RK50E, Sears 8998-1, 110-DET, 110-DEC. 
Used in the following Cartridges: ADC K6E, K7E, K8E, QLM32 MK3, QLM33 Series MK3, QM30 QM33 MK3, QLM34 MK3, 100X 95QE, ADG GD,ADC MKV, BWX-1, D32XE, ELM900, HFR 300 HWX-1, Integra CF100, CFS MKIX,LW-MKI, LM1-EP, LM20 MK3, LMH-1, LX-1, LX-1/4, Q301, Q302, Q303, Q360 

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