Jukebox Astatic 51-3 Replacement Cartridge


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JukeBox Replacement Astatic 51-3 Cartridge

• Element Type: Ceramic

• Output Voltage: 0.7 volts

• Tracking Pressure: 8 grams

• Frequency Range: 30-10K

• 3 MIL Sapphire Needle Tip Plays 78 RPM Only


Astatic 51-2, AC-C, CAC-W, GC

Astatic 51-2, AC-C-AG, AC-C-78, CAC-AGW, CAC-78, GC-AG

Astatic 51-3J, 51-3M, AC-C78, GC-78

Be sure your old cartridge matches the image. Any questions please call!

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