Pfanstiehl replacement diamond needle 4606-DEG


Available on backorder


REPLACES THE FOLLOWING NEEDLES: Pickering 750, Pickering 4507-AC, Pickering D-100, Pickering D100 red dot,

Pickering D-1200, Pickering D-625, Pickering D-400, Pickering D-200, Pickering D-140, Pickering D-350, Pickering D-350,

Pickering D-100, Pickering 750E, Pickering 4507-ACE, Pickering D-100E, Pickering D100 BLUE dot, Pickering D-1200E,

Pickering D-625E, Pickering D-400E, Pickering D-200E, Pickering D-140E, Pickering D-350E, Pickering D-350EE, Pickering D-100EE,

TRANSCRIBER PS577,Pfanstiehl 606-DEX, Pfanstiehl 606-DET, Pfanstiehl 606-DEM, Pfanstiehl 606-DEC,

Pfanstiehl 606-D7T, Pfanstiehl 606-D7M, Pfanstiehl 606-D7C, Pfanstiehl 606-DEL, MANY OTHERS.

USED IN THE FOLLOWING CARTRIDGES: Pickering XV-15/AC, Pickering XV-15/1200E DCF1200, Pickering XV-15/100,

Pickering XV-15/150 and Pickering DCF150, Pickering DCF-150, Pickering XV15AME, Pickering DCF-400, Pickering DCF400,

Pickering XV-15/140E, Pickering XV-15/200E, Pickering XV-15/625E, Pickering XV-15/750E, Pickering XV-15/1200E, cartridges.

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