Idler tires for cassette decks, reel to reel decks.

  • Nakamichi Pioneer FF/Rewind Idler Tire CTF500 RNK457 BX CR STC.5629

    Pioneer FF/Rewind Idler Tire  CTF500 RNK457 

    Nakamichi BX-1, BX-2, BX-100, BX-125, RX-202, CR-5, CR-7

    For Models using a SANKYO Deck

              OD .5629″
              ID  .3469″
             CS  .0748
             Wall .118
    There were several manufacturers for the Nakamichi deck. Idler wheel sizes in select models were different. It is important the specs are reviewed before ordering.
  • Phono Turntable Idler Tire SFM1915A03 SFM1915A03250 Idler Tire EV 1407-13T

    Phono Turntable Idler Tire SFM1915A03  SFM1915A03250 Idler Tire EVG part number is 1407-13T.

    Brand new, manufactured within the last 90 days, not old stock.

    This tire is not difficult to replace. A few small hand tools is all you need. Your old tire is more than likely a gooey mess! The gooey rubber can be removed with isopropyl alcohol, rag, Q Tips and a small screwdriver. I would recommend wearing disposable gloves.


    Brand new, manufactured within the last 3 months.


  • STC.7874 Square Cut Idler Tire for Nakamichi Cassette Decks

    STC.7874 Square Cut Idler Tire for Nakamichi Cassette Decks

    Replacement for models 480, 480Z, 481, 481Z, 482, 482Z, 580, 580M, 581, 581Z, 582, 582Z, 660ZX, 670ZX, 680, 680ZX, 681ZX, 682ZX, 700, 700ZXE, 700ZXL, 1000, 1000ZXL, 1000ZXL Limited, Dragon LX-3, LX-5, RX-303, RX-505, ZX-7, ZX-9.


    All of our tires are manufactured within the last 90 days. We never sell old stock.

    Meets or exceeds OEM specs.


    • Length, OC (outside circumference): .7874  20mm
    • Length, OC (inside circumference): .55″   14mm
    • C/S cross section height: 0.118″   3mm
    • C/S cross section wall width: 0.118” 3mm

    Our tires are guaranteed for 1 year!

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