Nakamichi Pioneer FF/Rewind Idler Tire CTF500 RNK457 BX CR STC.5629


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Pioneer FF/Rewind Idler Tire  CTF500 RNK457 

Nakamichi BX-1, BX-2, BX-100, BX-125, RX-202, CR-5, CR-7

For Models using a SANKYO Deck

          OD .5629″
          ID  .3469″
         CS  .0748
         Wall .118
There were several manufacturers for the Nakamichi deck. Idler wheel sizes in select models were different. It is important the specs are reviewed before ordering.

Suitable for all Nakamichi cassette decks using the Sankyo ‘small idler’ mechanism, including:

BX-1, BX-2, BX-100, BX-125, BX-150, BX-300, RX-202, CR-5 before S/N A130-10500, CR-7 before S/N A130-10500, MR-1, MR-2, ZX-5

Also suits other brands and models using a Sankyo mechanism, as long as the idler tire dimensions match.

Please always confirm that dimensions shown above match up to your idler!

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