Pfanstiehl P-300 Phonograph Crystal Cartridge Pickup


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Astatic 86TSB, 86D
Acos 73, 73-1A
EV 95, EV 121, EV 5215
Garrard GC-2
Jensen 146
Magnavox 560277-2, 560278-1
Per-Ebner PE-90, PE-180US
Ronette OV, T, 92, 105-2, 105-3, 105-4
Sonotone 20T1-S
Sylvania 11-14158-1
Telefunken Studio OV, Studio T
Vaco(Varco) ST-1A, ST-2, ST-20 cartridges
Voice of Music part VM 30113-A, VM30113A, VM 30113-B, VM30113B

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