To protect your vinyl it is recommended replacing your stylus every 850-1000 hours of use. This will prevent damage and extend the life of your collection. Older model styli is getting hard to find, so stock up now while they are available.

  • Pfanstiehl P-204 Phono Cartidge Pickup

    Replaces: Airline 88-15574, Airline 15853, Arista 2290, Astatic 414-2, EV5200, Varco SN-45, Westinghouse 690V021H49

  • Pfanstiehl P-308 Phonograph Cartridge Pickup

    Will replace Ronette 106.
    Replaces: Acos 73-1A, Acos 73-5, GP73-5, GPS73S,
    Admiral 409A-3701 -2, Admiral 49037-1,
    Astatic 76-TS-TB, Astatic 76TSB,
    GE RS-3480, Jensen 96,
    Magnavox 560277-1, Magnavox 560277-2, Magnavox 560283-2,
    Philco 235-8049, Philco 235-5059, Philco 325-8072,
    Ronette 106-2, Ronette 106-3, Ronette 106-4D, Ronette 208-2,
    Sears Vaco and Webster.

  • Pfanstiehl P-404D Phonograph Cartridge Pickup


    Admiral 78C244-1, Admiral 78C244-2, Admiral 78C244-3, Admiral 78C244-4, Admiral 78C244-7

    Airline 60-148, Airline 60-153

    Astatic 1134D

    Electro-Voice(EV) EV5100, EV5125, EV5271, EV5274, EV5297, EV5302, EV5310, EV5316, EV5339, EV5346, EV5350, EV5358, EV5364, EV5379, EV5392, EV5417, EV5439

    Penncrest 2005039-6

    Sears 88601

    VM 36470-J, VM 36470-L, VM 36470-M, VM 42818-A, VM 42818-B, VM 42818D, VM 42818

    Zenith 142-162, Zenith 142-169

  • Pfanstiehl P-412D Phonograph Cartridge Pickup

    Replaces all Tetrad Cartridges having blue connector socket and needle stamped with any of the following:

    10 thru 14, 30-34, 90, 93, 110.

  • Pfanstiehl P-427D Phonograph Cartridge Pickup


    Admiral 78A233-5, Admiral 78C233-1, Admiral 78C233-2, Admiral 78C233-5, Admiral 78C233-6

    Astatic 1190D

    EV 5100D, EV5100D, EV5100, EV 5100

    Emerson 820118

    Motorola 61359B01, Motorola 61598B01

    VM36470-B, VM36470-C, VM36470-D

    Diamond Needle

  • Pfanstiehl P-431D Cartridge Tetrad 6-33D-78-1

     Admiral 78A235-3, 78C235-1, 78C235-2, 78C235-3, 78C235-4, 409C78-1, 409C78-2, 409C78-3,   409C78-4, 419A-35-1, 419A-35-2, 419A-36-1, 419A-36-2
     Astatic 1191D
     EV 5102D, EV5102D
     Harmon Kardon 01221652
     Sylvania 11-26249-1, 11-26249-2, 11-26599-1
     Cartridge tested before shipment
     New Old Stock with Diamond Needle
  • Pfanstiehl P-440D Phonograph Cartridge Pickup

    Replaces the following:

    Tetrad T5HD, TC8H1, TC8H0, TC12H1, TC8H1/53D, TC5HD/T5HD, TC12H1/53D, TC12H1/TC5HD

    Astatic 1312D

    EV 5626D

    Cartridge is supplied with a Diamond Needle

  • Pfanstiehl P-51-1 Cartridge, Astatic 51, P51-1

    Pfanstiehl P-51 Astatic 51

    Modern ceramic monaural cartridge used in jukebox, 45 and 78 rpm players with single tip needle, two clips, 1/2 in mount.

    OEM Cartridge Part Numbers: Astatic part 51, 408, AC, CAC, GC series cartridges; Electro-Voice part EV 33, EV 5207, EV 5222, EV 5242

    Replacement Comments:
    Replaces GE part EA1493, Motorola part 61150, Pfanstiehl part P14, P127, P200, P209, Silvertone (Sears) part 89242, 89243.

    Output: Mono
    Output Voltage: 0.5v
    Tracking Force: 8g

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